Ancient History Magazine 5

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In this issue, we take a look at Greek athletic contests: The Pythian Games, The Nemean Games, The Isthmian Games, and more.

Competing for the Gods

  • Murray Dahm, 'The four crown games - Competing for the gods'.
  • Sidney Dean, 'The origins of the Pythian Games - Victory laps'.
  • Gareth Williams, 'Pindar's victory odes - Second to none'.
  • Jordan Henderson, 'Theagenes of Thasos and Kleitomachos of Thebes - Isthmian Brawlers'.
  • Stefanos Skarmintzos, 'Reconstructing the armed race of Nemea - The Hoplite race'.
  • Manolis Peponas, 'An inscription from Rhodes - A look at local competitions'.
  • Nicola Bergamo, 'The Olympian Games of Antioch - Perpetual holiday'.


  • Jona Lendering, 'The Lacoon group - Agony'.
  • Andrei Pogacias, 'Ovid in exile - Between arrows and ice'.
  • Boed Marres, 'The first fruits of DNA-research - A new window on antiquity'.
  • Marc DeSantis, 'Puzzling over the Indo-European enigma - Ancient origins'.
  • Kees Alders, 'A competition of soberness - The philosophy of Zeno'.
  • Christian Koepfer, 'How do we know - How to date wood'.
  • Book reviews

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