Medieval World 11

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King of Bohemia, King of the Romans, and Holy Roman Emperor – Charles IV was an important monarch in both his own country and Europe in general.

Theme: Charles IV of Bohemia

  • Petr Uličný, "Charles IV of Bohemia: A Fortunate, Rational, and Pious Ruler," 20-21.
  • Petr Uličný, "A New Charles: How Religion Shaped the Bohemian King," 22-27.
  • Jana Gajdošová, "The Charles Bridge: Staging Processions in Medieval Prague," 28-33.
  • Václav Žůrek, "A Ruler's Dual Identity: Wenceslaus and Charles," 34-35.
  • Václav Žůrek, "Cultural & Political Superpowers: Prague and Bohemia under Charles IV," 36-39.
  • Mateusz Grzęda, "The likenesses of Charles IV: Individualized and Idealized Depictions," 40-43.

  • M. G. Haynes, "Tsushima Island: Bloody Stepping Stone to Japan," 8-13.
  • Robert Jones, "It's in the mail: The Myth of the Knight in Shinning Armour," 14-15.
  • Conor Robison, "The Battle of Adrianople: 'Who would never consent to flee'," 16-19.
  • Sean Manning, "Give point! Swords & Armour at Benevento," 44-47.
  • Jona Lendering, "Creating the Quran: The Earliest Roots of the Islamic Faith," 48-51.
  • Kathryn Walton, "The Turtle's Husband: The Legend of Urashima the Fisherman," 52-55.
  • Tim Miller, "Book review: Beowulf and the North before the Vikings," 56.
  • Conor Robison, "Book review: Victory in the East: A Military History of the First Crusade," 57. 

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