Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy 122

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From gladiators helping out in Roman armies to sailors and airmen being pulled into close combat during WWII battles, this issue explores the role of atypical units on the battlefield.

Theme: Fighting 'fish out of water'
  • Chris King, 'Necessity, the overworked mother of invention - Improvisation in warfare'.
  • Mark Backhouse, 'The Second Servile War and the Battle of Skirthaea - Slave soldiers'.
  • David Davies, 'The siege of Lucknow during the Indian Rebellion - Defend the residency'.
  • Mark Backhouse, 'Bravely defending the Sittang River bridgehead - Brews in Burma'.
  • Guy Bowers, 'Assembling your own ad-hoc units - Needs must'.
  • Toby Thornton, 'Recreating a famous colonial scene - Under siege'.
  • Jonathan Jones, 'Norwegian Viking fights Norse Gael in the Irish Sea - The raid on Man'.
  • David Hiscocks, 'A river crossing scenario from the Napoleonic War - Passage of the Duoro'.
  • Nicholas Dorrell, 'King Charles XII of Sweden's greatest folly - Refighting Poltava'.
  • Guy Bowers, Jasper Oorthuys, and Nick Skinner, 'Refighting the battle at the former HQ - Arnhem at Arnhem'. 
  • Rubén Torregrosa, 'A basic guide to painting Aztec warriors - Mexica 1519'.
  • Joe Bilton, 'Turning perfectly good MDF buildings into ruins - Through the wars'.
  • Miniature reviews
  • Richard Clarke, 'Up Front - Public wargaming'.
  • Jon Yuengling, 'The Irregular - "All miniatures should be equal"'.
  • Guy Bowers, Adam Gilbert-Rossini, and Sam Ralphs, 'The popular medieval ruleset gets a sci-fi update - Let's play Xenos Rampant'.
  • Guy Bowers, Eoghan Kelly, Chris Payne, and Rossco Watkins, 'Game reviews - Song of Arthur and Merlin, Fighting the Dragon, Pulp!, and Black Powder Epic Battles: The Hundred Days Campaign'.
  • Book reviews
  • Parting shots

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