Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy 113

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In this issue, we take a closer look at warfare and battles in the country of Norway, from early Viking kings and raiders, to the German invasion and occupation of World War II.

Theme: Warfare in Norway through the ages
  • Olve Kroknes, 'Wargaming through the ages in Norway - Til Valhall!'.
  • Olve Kroknes, 'King Magnus the Good at Lyrskog Heath - The good king's dream'.
  • Olve Kroknes, 'The Battle of Largs, 2 October 1263 - Defending the isles'.
  • Michael Leck, 'Attack on Stene Skans, September 1718 - The Carolean death march'.
  • Olve Kroknes, 'The defence of the Gudbrands Valley - The King's Own at Kvam'.
  • Guy Bowers, 'Norwegian armies throughout history - Soldiers in the snow'.
  • Alberto Mateos Jurado, 'Modeling Norway's legendary past - Hel to pay'.
  • Mark Backhouse, 'Nicopolis: an unusual Roman disaster - A Pontic problem'.
  • Colin Farrant, 'A look at the design and production process - From idea to tabletop'.
  • David Davies, Guy Bowers, and Chris King, 'Playing Bolt Action campaigns with attrition - Upsetting the balance'.
  • Keith Ainslie, 'A painting guide for the USMC during Vietnam - The marines at Hue, 1968'.
  • Tony Harwood, 'Building a fourteenth-century Crusader ship - Cogged out'.
  • Miniature reviews
  • Rick Priestley, 'Up front - More on cards'.
  • Kevin Pierce, 'The Irregular - Painting for the shaky-handed'.
  • Chris King, 'Bringing "epic" back to the American Civil War - Let's play Black Powder Epic Battles'.
  • Rossco Watkins, 'Modern wargaming, three levels in one - Let's play Ultracombat Modern'.
  • Mark Backhouse, Eoghan Kelly, Chris King, and Laurence Taylor, 'Game reviews - Lard Magazine 2020, D-Day: British and Canadian Sectors: Bolt Action campaign book, The 'Nam: The Way it was and The Seelow Heights (16-19 April 1945): A Wargamer's Guide'.
  • Book reviews
  • Parting shots

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