A Chronological Guide to Medieval Warfare issues

Are you trying to find an issue of Medieval Warfare magazine based on your particular interest in the Middle Ages? We've had readers asking us if we have issues from particular eras, and we thought it would be a good idea to give you a list based on medieval chronology.

So here is a list of our issues century by century:

7th century

IV-6: The loss of Italy: Byzantium vs the Lombards
VI.3: The Byzantine-Sassanid Wars

8th century

I.3: The first clash - The Saracen invasion of Spain and France in the 8th century

9th century

III-5: King Alfred and the Great Heathen Army
V.2: The campaigns of Charlemagne
VII.1: The Viking Invasion

10th century

II.4: Otto I versus the Magyars
V.4: The Caliphate of Córdoba

11th century

I.4: Mercenaries and mighty warlords - The Normans in the Mediterranean
II-2: Creating a Viking empire – The wars of Cnut the Great, king of Denmark, England and Norway
III-3: The Seljuq Turks advancing: Byzantine power in decline
VII.6: The legend of El Cid
Medieval Warfare Special 2017: 1066 - The Battle of Hastings

12th century

IV-5: Richard the Lionheart in the Mediterranean
VI.1: Reign of the Leper King
VI.4: The Norman invasion of Ireland
VII.4: The Battle of Hattin
VII.5: The murder of Charles the Good

13th century

I.1: The Early Rise of France - The War of Bouvines
III-4: The Albigensian Crusade
IV-1: The reign of Alexander Nevsky, 1240-1263
V.6: The Mongol invasion of Europe
VI.2: The War of the Sicilian Vespers
VII.2: The Battle of Lincoln
VIII.2: Edward I's invasion of Wales

14th century

III-1: A Medieval Cold War in Spain: the War of the Two Peters
IV-3: The First War of Scottish Independence
VIII.1: John Hawkwood in Italy

15th century

II.2: The Thirteen Years War - the end of the Teutonic order
IV-4: The Burgundian Wars
V.3: The Yorkist Triumph
Medieval Warfare Special 2014: 1453 - The Conquest of Constantinople
Medieval Warfare Special 2015: 1415: The Battle of Agincourt

16th century

II.5: Turmoil in northern Italy: the War of the League of Cambrai
VI.6: The German Peasants' Revolt

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