Guilty as charged

I recently asked my boss Jasper for feedback on my blogs. He wittily retorted that he would be surprised if anyone could still follow my projects. After all, I've recently started at least three, each with no more than two blogs...!

Soviets - Work in progress. Unhappy with the coat colour!

At first, I must admit I was put back 'a bit' by this revelation. But then I realised, with a reluctant sigh, that he was right. I am a bit of a wargames butterfly – but is that necessarily a bad thing? I might have a few projects on the go at any one time, but I do get things painted. Time for an honest assessment.

Hundred Years War with a bit of fantasy.

Of my recent projects, a few have stalled. I am going to continue with my Afrika Korps – the issue, as reported in the recent WS&S podcast, has been my struggle to find the 'right' colour for the uniform. Yes, as Jasper said in the podcast, there is no 'right' colour – but they need to look 'right' for me! The same is true of some Winter War Russians I started.

More Hundred years war.

My work on aircraft for Blood Red Skies has halted, awaiting the release of the game (I need more planes). The work on cars for Maximilian 1934 is still ongoing, with some reinforcements from Eureka Miniatures. Looking further back, I started work on a Mongol army, which I still need to finish (oh dear!).

Fantasy zombies.

I have been painting other things, too: some more Soviets for Bolt Action (I want to try out some submachinegun platoons), some Hundred Years’ War miniatures, and retouching up some old 15 mm Germans of mine. Then there’s some AWI British I’m finishing off for Sharp Practice 2.

Afrika Korps awaiting the right colour.

Yes, I do have a bewildering number of projects. I think some follow-through blogs could definitely be in order, just to prove I do get projects finished!

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