A new editor for Ancient History

By Owain Williams

Portrait of Owain Williams

I am very excited to start working on Ancient History, and I am keen to explore new places, peoples, and eras. I am a Hellenist at heart. I love Ancient Greece, and I studied this period and culture during my Undergraduate and Masters degrees. Despite this, I am familiar with the many ancient cultures of the Near East, such as Assyria, Babylon, and the Syro-Hittite States, and it is my hope to bring these cultures to the pages of Ancient History, and maybe venture even further afield! 

Not only would I like to discuss a greater variety of ancient cultures in our issues, I would also like to bring a greater variety of content to Ancient History's followers. It is my hope to bring a podcast that discusses each theme, and interviews where a scholar that has contributed to the magazine answers some questions from readers.

There are very few jobs that are directly involved in ancient history, and I am very grateful for the opportunity to edit the magazine - it is a dream come true. I have loved ancient history since my dad first showed me Kirk Douglas' Spartacus (a film I highly recommend, if you haven’t seen it). I was lucky enough to study Ancient History at university, graduating with a Masters Degree from University of Durham. Despite my love of Spartacus, during my studies I became enamoured with the world of Ancient Greece, specialising in ancient ethnicity, ancient Greek slavery, and Greek interactions with the Near East during the Iron Age. 

I fully believe that well-researched ancient history should be readily available to those with an interest in the subject, and I regularly contribute to AskHistorians on Reddit, countering misconceptions wherever I find them! When I am not answering questions there, I can be found kayaking or cooking.


My pleasure to meet you. I wish you a happy work in the magazine

Garcia Moran

Congratulations Owain!

Lynne Williams

We’re so proud that Owain has got his dream job. The persistence and hard work in getting there has paid off. You will be brilliant and we look forward to reading your editorials.

Mark Williams

Welcome aboard!
I love reading AH for three primary reasons:
1. It is actual history,
2. its entertaining and
3. Its educational

Three things I look for in a magazine.
Again, Best wishes and welcome aboard

Allen Marchetti
Richland, WA
United States

Allen Marchetti

Hi Owain – Just wanted to welcome you to your new job. It’s a great opportunity for a young historian and I look forward to reading forthcoming issues.

Alan Boughey

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