Medieval Warfare is now Medieval World: Culture & Conflict

That's right! Beginning in May 2022, Medieval Warfare has a new look, a new name, and is starting back at issue 1. This is sure to be a surprise to regular readers and subscribers, and we know you have a lot of questions. We'll try our best to answer them below.


Why did you change Medieval Warfare?

There are many reasons. The biggest perhaps is that we wanted more flexibility. While there is plenty to say about warfare in the medieval period, we would also like the opportunity to discuss broader medieval history and themes. That is not just because we believe it will interest more potential readers, but because we think that a more holistic approach to the Middle Ages can add something to the discussion. Warfare is a big part of medieval society, but we believe that by separating it out from other topics, certain pieces of the overall picture go missing. Besides all that, the former editor of Medieval Warfare, Peter Konieczny, recently moved on to other things. That seemed like an excellent time for a change of direction.

But wait. You've got TWO magazines about the ancient world. One that deals just with warfare, and another focused exclusively on culture. Why aren't you doing that here?

True! Ancient Warfare and Ancient History do keep those aspects separated. We've actually been considering a magazine focused exclusively on general medieval history for some time. But our experience running AW and AH has shown that there is often an overlap - the fact that we can't put much military history in one magazine, and not much 'general' history in the other is sometimes limiting - it can get in the way of properly exploring a theme or subject from all angles. We think that unifying both aspects in one magazine will lead to new and interesting possibilities.

So how is Medieval World: Culture & Conflict going to be different from Medieval Warfare?

I'm glad you asked. Many things are going to stay just the same. There's of course a new name, logo, and 'look', but many of the actual changes to the layout are minor adjustments, so inside the magazine will feel similar. The fundamentals also remain unchanged: Medieval World: Culture & Conflict is still a bi-monthly, 60-page magazine that will cost just the same as Medieval Warfare. Our general editorial approach will also stay the same: each issue will remain focused around a theme, with other supporting articles and regular features. We'll also continue to fill each edition with plenty of beautiful photographs, illustrations, and maps - the same as in all our magazines. 

There are going to be some differences in the content going forward. As mentioned above, and also hinted at in the new magazine's subtitle (Culture & Conflict), articles on medieval wars, battles, and military matters aren't going anywhere. We plan to choose future themes that have both military AND non-military aspects. There will also still be non-theme articles focused on warfare, but we'll also now be looking at a wider range of topics that include medieval religion, politics, literature, art, society, and much more! For more on our future editorial vision for the magazine, you should definitely check out this blog post by editor Alice I. Sullivan.

I'm currently a subscriber to Medieval Warfare. What's going to happen to my subscription?

All current subscribers to Medieval Warfare (both paper and digital) will start receiving Medieval World: Culture & Conflict from issue oneIn other words, expect a seamless transition from one magazine to the other. We realise, however, that this sudden change may be a bit of a surprise: that's why issue one of Medieval World: Culture & Conflict will be sent to all subscribers free of charge: that is, it will be IN ADDITION to the magazines you paid for as part of your regular subscription. Also, because we're really excited about Medieval World: Culture & Conflict, and want as many people to see it as possible, we'll ALSO be sending a free copy of issue one to everyone with a recently expired subscription to Medieval Warfare

Does this change how I can get a copy of the magazine?

Not one bit. Medieval World: Culture & Conflict will still be available to order through our webshop, and also through all retail channels that previously offered Medieval Warfare. That includes shops like WH Smiths in the UK, and Barnes & Nobel in the US. Online magazine apps like Zinio and PocketMags will also offer Medieval World: Culture & Conflict starting from issue 1.

What about all the back issues of Medieval Warfare that you sell now online? What's happening to those?

They'll still be there. Both paper and digital back issues of Medieval Warfare will continue to be available for order via our webshop (and through any specialised retailers that choose to stock them). This also includes special editions, like The Art of Medieval Warfare, The Rise of the Gun, and more.

What if I really don't want this new magazine. What do I do then?

We really, really hope you'll give Medieval World: Culture & Conflict a try! We're quite proud of the new direction we've chosen, and we think you will be, as well. However, if as a subscriber you aren't satisfied with the new direction, we'll happily change your subscription over to any of our other magazines, starting at any time. If that doesn't work for you, auto-renewing subscriptions can always be cancelled, effective from the next payment term. We unfortunately can't offer partial refunds to those with an already active, limited-term subscription to the magazine, though as stated above, we are happy to switch you over to one of our other products for the remainder of your term. Finally, if you have recently subscribed to Medieval Warfare but so far not yet received ANY issues, we will be happy to refund your purchase. Keep in mind though that whether you cancel or not, all subscribers will still be receiving a free copy of Medieval World: Culture & Conflict issue one.

I still have more questions about the new magazine that you didn't answer.

No problem! We know it's a big change, and we're happy to address any of your concerns or questions. Just drop us an email. Also, if we discover any important points that we missed earlier, we'll be sure to add them to this page.