Like our other periodicals, Ancient History is not written by in-house editors. We commission articles from expert authors all over the world. Anyone can submit a proposal for an article, either related to a particular theme (see below) or not. If you wish to submit a proposal (title/subtitle, abstract, and a brief biography of yourself), please contact the editor.

Ancient History 42

Release: January  2023

Theme: A day at the theatre

The theme of Issue 42 will revolve around the singing and dancing spectacle that was the theatre. The theatre was a core part of life in ancient Greece, with theatres built all across the Greek world, from Sicily to Cyprus, and playwrights writing tragedies and comedies that are still considered masterpieces to this day. The Romans adopted and continued the Greeks’ theatrical traditions, constructing theatres across the Roman Empire, with Nero’s love of the theatre leading him to be dubbed the ‘actor emperor’. This is of course, a monumental topic, with a great many avenues for us to explore, such as the origins of theatre, the appearance of politics within plays, and the mechanics of theatrics, but I am sure it’ll be a fascinating issue.

Ancient History 43

Release: March 2023

Theme: Feast or famine: Agriculture in the ancient world

Issue 43’s theme will tackle something that is universally necessary in any society – agriculture. It is often taken for granted that people farmed in the ancient world, that people had food and drink, for without farms and food there would not have been an ancient world! However, we want to explore what life was like for ancient farmers. What techniques did they use? What gods did they think were responsible for a bountiful harvest, and what did they do to ensure their goodwill? What happened when a harvest failed?

Ancient History 44

Release: May 2023

Theme: Homer, Hittites, and horses: Ancient Anatolia

Ancient Anatolia is possibly best known as the setting of the Iliad, when an army of Greeks descended upon the city of Troy and fought a ten-year-long war to destroy it. Indeed, this narrative has near-dominated discussions of the region. However, there is much more to Anatolia than just the Trojan War. Issue 44 will cover a variety of topics, using archaeology and linguistics to explore this fascinating area of history. From Troy in the north to Miletus in the south, this issue will explore the lives and the identities of the people who lived in Anatolia in the Late Bronze Age.

Ancient History 45

Release: July 2023

Theme: Conspicuous consumption

Wealth, luxury, and inequality have been issues facing societies since antiquity. The culmination of these issues is conspicuous consumption. As wealthy members of society dressed in expensive clothing, ate exotic foods, and constructed vast monuments, they broadcast their wealth and power to their peers, engaging in elite competition, and to the poor, reinforcing their status as community leaders (regardless of their ability to lead). How this phenomenon manifested and how societies dealt with it has varied throughout history. Issue 45 will explore aspects of luxury across different societies, as well as how these societies tackled the difficulties wealth inequality created.