Authors can contribute articles in English on the history, art, and culture of the Middle ages, broadly conceived geographically and temporally. The magazine includes the following kinds of articles:

  • 2-page spread with images = 850 words
  • 4-page spread with images = 1700 words
  • 4-page spread longform with illustration = 2500 words
  • 6-page spread with images = 2500 words
  • 8-page spread with images = 3400 words

Proposals should contain the following parts (if possible):

  • A summary of the article (approximately 250 words). What will you discuss? What will be your point of view?
  • A table of contents, with a short summary of every section.
  • A preliminary bibliography of the most important scholarly sources you will use in the research.
  • A list of possible illustrations or photos that you would like to add to the article (we can provide some illustrations and photos if necessary; keep in mind that we can only use photos of a certain quality and resolution).
  • An estimate of the length of the article.

Do not write an entire article for a proposal. If your proposal is accepted, then you will receive a submission template and style sheet with further instructions on how to prepare your contribution. 

The following guidelines should be observed when writing for Medieval World: Culture & Conflict:

  • Articles are written for a large audience, interested in the history and culture of the Middle ages. This means that the article should be both informative and based on modern academic research, but written in a smooth and easily accessible style.
  • Be original. Captivate the reader with an interesting narrative and engage current scholarly debates. Well-chosen quotations and references can contribute substantially to the quality of the article.
  • Do not write in a pedantic manner. More specialized names and terms may be used, but keep in mind that not everybody is familiar with the terminology.
  • We do not use footnotes in our magazine. Any references to sources should be incorporated in the article itself in parentheses. You may also include a "Further Reading" section with several key sources related to your topic. 
  • Your command of the English language should be excellent, at least within the article itself. If spelling and grammar is insufficient, the article will not be accepted for publication.


    The editors of Karwansaray preserve for themselves the right to change the layout and content of articles as they deem necessary.