Culture and Conflict in the Middle Ages

Medieval World: Culture & Conflict picks up where its sister magazines – Ancient Warfare and Ancient History – leave off. The publication features the rich history and material culture of the Middle Ages – broadly conceived geographically and temporally – expanding on the contents of the popular Medieval Warfare magazine. Through well-researched and lavishly illustrated articles, this accessible publication brings to light cultural activities in local and global contexts, historical figures and events, as well as political, religious, economic, and artistic facets of the Middle Ages.


Medieval World magazine

  • Edited by Alice I. Sullivan
  • Bi-monthly
  • 60 pages, full-colour
  • Price: €49.95 for a normal one year subscription, €10.95 for a digital subscription, renewed every six months.
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    Medieval World: Culture & Conflict features articles written by leading scholars and early career researchers in history, art history, archaeology, religion, literature, film, and related fields of study. Each issue centers on a theme that provides detailed coverage of a particular topic – such as medieval courtly culture or medieval fortifications – as well as special articles on issues of medieval daily life, legends, and key historical figures, events, and monuments. The magazine is bursting with content for everyone interested in learning more about the vibrant cultures and moments of conflict in the Middle Ages!


    In addition to the excellent written content, Medieval World: Culture & Conflict brings history and material culture to life! The articles are illustrated with images of sites and objects from collections around the world, as well as original maps, drawings, and paintings. We also commission our artists to create accurate illustrations of medieval figures and events, as well as special maps. Accessibly written and splendidly illustrated, the magazine highlights the value of textual and visual records in reconstructing the rich and multifaceted historical and cultural dimensions of the Middle Ages.