We’ve just received a pallet loaded with copies of the seventh edition of Ancient History Magazine at the office of Karwansaray Publishers. It will be dedicated to ancient Nineveh and the Assyrian Empire. When we chose this theme, we had not expected that the current war in Northern Iraq would, right at this moment, be fought amidst the ruins of the cities of ancient Assyria.

This is the first issue of our second year and we have seized the opportunity to make some changes. For example, we have a new recurring feature: a fact check. A new illustrator, Radu Oltean, has taken care of the cover, while a new designer, Mats Elzinga, has updated the layout. I am sure you will find the new style quite attractive.

Another change: the Nineveh issue also is my final project for Karwansaray Publishers. Like most journalists writing about science and scholarship, I work on several projects simultaneously. Apart from my job for AHM, I write for a Dutch newspaper, am webmaster of, am a teacher at a small school, and work occasionally as a tour guide. Combining Ancient History Magazine with these activities was occasionally quite difficult.

What was quite difficult became almost impossible when I learned that I need to visit the hospital for surgery. It is nothing serious, fortunately, but it will be rather time-consuming and I will not be able to devote sufficient time to Ancient History Magazine. This means that it is better to leave the next issue, dedicated to ancient food, in the experienced hands of the other people of Karwansaray Publishers. After recovery, I will perhaps occasionally contribute to Ancient History Magazine, but someone else will be the new editor.

I am very grateful that Karwansaray Publishers has offered me an opportunity to create a magazine that brings together what belongs together, and I am just as grateful for the response from the readers. I hope my successor will receive the same support.

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