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Starting with Ancient Warfare issue VIII.5 (Judean Wars), we will introduce a new two-page section to the magazine called Ask Ancient Warfare. If you have any questions related to a topic on warfare in the ancient world, post them here at the bottom of this blog post or send me an email directly at

If you frequently check out our Facebook page (you’ve liked the page, right?), you will have noticed that we have also announced a new video series called Ancient Warfare (in five minutes). The new Ask Ancient Warfare section in the magazine and the video will work in tandem. I expect shorter answers to questions will be printed in the magazine and longer or more visually interesting questions will be answered in the videos.

We always try to come up with new ideas to keep the magazine fresh and interesting, and in particular we are always looking for new ways to get you, the readers, more involved with Ancient Warfare. After all, you also get to decide which themes are included in our upcoming volume IX (you have until 10 July to vote!).

As a reminder, know that Ancient Warfare also has its own discussion forum, called Roman Army Talk. You can find some of our regular contributors there (including myself and Jasper Oorthuys), as well as loads of other people with an interest in the ancient world, among whom a fair number of reenactors. 

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