For the last five years or so, Ancient Warfare has been nurtured by its editor, Jasper Oorthuys. In that time, Ancient Warfare has gone from strength to strength. The magazine currently enjoys a wide readership in more than 40 countries, and its success also lead to the creation of an entirely new magazine devoted to medieval warfare.

Jasper also had a wish to pursue his doctorate degree. With Ancient Warfare being well established, he has decided to take a partial sabbatical for the next few months to work on his doctoral dissertation. He will continue to spend a few days a week at Karwansaray Publishers as an editor-in-chief while devoting the rest of his time to pursue his research.

As a result, I have been asked to fill in for Jasper as editor of Ancient Warfare for at least the coming months. My name is Josho Brouwers and I have written a few articles for the magazine. Most recently, I contributed the brief article about the cover illustration for the issue on Archaic Greece. I studied Mediterranean archaeology at the VU University in Amsterdam and wrote my own doctoral dissertation on warfare in Early Greece, from the end of the Bronze Age down to the Persian Wars.

Being editor of Ancient Warfare is a dream come true, but also brings with it a high level of responsibility. Fortunately, all the work that Jasper has put into the magazine makes my task a lot less daunting than it would otherwise have been, and I enjoy the help and advice of both Jasper and Dirk van Gorp (editor of Medieval Warfare) to ease the transition into this new job.

I look forward to build on the good work that Jasper has done and to continue making Ancient Warfare one of the best magazines available!

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