Themes for volume X

Last month, I asked you to vote on themes for issues X.2 through to X.6. The survey was completed nearly 500 times, which is a great response and the highest that I have seen in my time as editor of Ancient Warfare so far; thanks! (If you need a reminder of which options you had to vote on, have a look at my earlier blog post.)

I’ve collected the results and already placed them into a proper order. The theme for issue X.1 had already been decided upon, namely the Peloponnesian War (431–404 BC). But without further ado, here is the list of themes for the remaining issues of volume X:

  • Issue X.2: Ptolemaic Egypt
  • Issue X.3: The Mithridatic Wars
  • Issue X.4: On the borders: wars at the edge of empires
  • Issue X.5: The Persians
  • Issue X.6: Year of the Four Emperors

The theme ‘Archery in the ancient world’ was so closely behind ‘On the borders’ that I have decided to make this the theme for issue XI.1. This means we’re all set for another year! The themes are very varied and some will undoubtedly prove to be a challenge, not least when it comes to finding good photographs (looking at you, Mithridatic Wars!). I’m looking forward to reading proposals for any and all of these issues.

You can have a look at the editorial plan as regards deadlines for proposals and approximate release dates for these issues.

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