Coming soon: your chance to have fun with wargames

Or at least, a chance to answer some questions… Yes, it’ll be here soon! From next Tuesday, July 19th, we’ll run the 2016 edition of the Great Wargaming Survey. Update: the Great Wargaming Survey is here! We’re hoping for an even larger number of responses than in 2014 and 2015 and will be trying to draw your interest everywhere you go on the internet. 

This year’s survey will be largely comparable to that of 2014 and 2015, though you’ll find a few new ones, and we’ll rotate sections in and out. After all, it doesn’t seem necessary to ask the exact same set every year. Most things in this hobby don’t change that quickly for one, and we are very conscious of the fact that the survey shouldn’t take too long. 

There will be a slight change in our thank-you though. Like before, every participant will be able to put his name in the virtual hat to have a shot at winning some of the prizes our generous sponsors are making available (more about those later!). Previous years we also gave everyone a ten-percent discount code as our own ‘thank-you’. This year, we’ll do it slightly differently, in a way we think you’ll appreciate.

Finally, if you’re curious about all the stuff we’ve written about the surveys in previous years: here’s where to go:

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