GWS 2017 – 1/31 questions

Where did they come from?

Forgive us if we start our challenge slowly, but we need to start with the basics anyway. Moreover, it was requested. Below is a pie-chart of the countries our respondents hail from (click to enlarge).

8608 people answered this question. It'd be fun to split out future blogs over different countries, but a quick look shows that would very quickly come down to just several dozen respondents and a very long list of countries. As it happens, however, the responses from the top five countries make up almost exactly 75% of the total, so that'll be our list for future blogs (unfortunately, that cuts out my own country, the Netherlands. Such is life...): UK, US, Germany, Australia, and Canada.

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Have any questions about the results of the Great Wargaming Survey 2017? Feel free to submit them here, but try to keep in mind what we can and cannot answer based on the questions and possible answers to the survey. To refresh your memory, check out a preview of last year's questions and possible answers.

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