GWS 2017 13/31 questions – My generation!

Clearly I'm too young to get the reference to The Who, but for variety's sake, we'll look at an age cohort. In the age of Facebook, obviously, you got to start with your own cohort, especially as long as Guy, editor of WSS, still belongs to the same group. (sssh! It's his birthday tomorrow...)

Wargaming in middle age

Containing almost exactly 25% of respondents, this is the second largest cohort in last year's survey (31-40 is the largest at 28.5%). They've been a wargamer for a long time, with almost 73% reporting 20+ years in the hobby (53% overall). However, that still means there are recent converts as well; 6.5% have wargamed for less than five years. They share a great enthusiasm about their hobby with the other generations. Here too less than 4% harbour doubts about their long-term future as a wargamer (this may be an indicator of the survey being self-selecting of course, but we have no numbers of people who quit wargaming). This generation also spends a bit more than the average.

When it comes to favourite aspects of their hobby, middle-aged wargamers slightly (by .5%) prefer hanging out with their friends over collecting (yet more) minis (which is overall the favourite aspect of this pastime).

Where do they like to play? See for yourself (click to enlarge)!

And they play their games in the various classic settings. At least Ancients is still in the top 10 (again, click to zoom in)!


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