GWS 2017 – 2/31 questions

How old were they?

Below is the overall division of age groups. We'll compare these responses to previous editions tomorrow. Today, we'll split them out over the Top-5 responding countries established yesterday.

Now it won't be surprising that the pies for the US and the UK look very similar to the overall picture. Together they make up over half the respondents after all, though the Americans are a tiny bit older with 60.2% (vs. 58.8%) in the three oldest groups.

Age division for German respondents

Germany (623 responses), from which the third biggest group of respondents hails, shows a completely different image. The 'over 60' group consists of a group of one, 21 (3.4%) of respondents are between 51 and sixty. It'd be interesting to ask our German friends if they recognise this age division. For now, I can think of two possible reasons. First, language undoubtedly plays a role. Younger people are going to be more comfortable with English both when it comes to reading rules. Those are, after all, generally published in English alone. Translations are available for larger systems, however, nor should we forget about home-grown rules. Second, I wonder how much the passing of time, and the disappearance of WW2 into proper history plays a role.

Finally, Australia and Canada. This looks more similar to the US and the UK, though in both cases respondents are younger. In Australia the oldest three groups comprise still just over half (52.7%), but in Canada they are (just) outnumbered by their younger compatriots (49.3%).

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