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Game preferences for women

Yesterday we showed to what degree women's preferences differ from men's where it comes to enjoying their wargaming from a hobby and social point of view. Today, let's look at the kind of games women prefer compared to men. Again, we're just looking at where women's preferences differ significantly (as indicated by SurveyMonkey's statistics algorithm) from men's responses.

The first big difference can be found in the types of games people enjoy playing. Respondents could simply indicate whether they liked that type of game. As is clearly visible below, women are relatively slightly more interested in skirmish and campaign games, and significantly more so in monster and survival games.

The above is reflected in the preferred settings/periods for wargames. There are certainly women who are interested in historical wargaming, but there are significantly more female wargamers who say they are not interested in almost every category of historical game. This borne out most eloquently by the, otherwise ever popular, World War 2 era. The results speak for themselves.

Are you interested in gaming World War 2, from 1 (not interested) to 5 (very interested)

Which settings are popular you ask? See below: Pirates, Pulp, Cowboys, and Fantasy gaming, both supplied by Games Workshop and other kinds.

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