GWS 2017 9/31 questions – A lifelong hobby?

How long have you been a wargamer?

I just got back from a trip and there was an almighty amount of work waiting for me, so here's a short blog on the GWS results. Take a look at this graph setting out the responses to the question of how long the respondents had been a wargamer. What stands out to you?

Yes, the proportion of new gamers (less than five years) has gone up a little bit every year from 8.6% in 2014 to 12.7% in 2017. That's positive!

For me the biggest takeaway, however, is not the '20-30 years' spike in 2014 (note: the phrasing of the question that first year was ambiguous). It is the fact that year-on-year, almost exactly 50% of respondents say they have been wargamers for twenty years or more. Apparently wargaming is sufficiently interesting, varied and engaging to enjoy for decades. That's impressive, and an encouraging note to start the week on.

I plan to join the right-hand cohorts in due course.

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