The 2021 Great Wargaming Survey has begun!

The Great Wargaming Survey is back for another year with a new UI, some familiar questions, some new ones, and a whole pile of goodies to be won for 5-10 minutes of thinking about your favourite pastime! What's not to like? Take the survey! Apart from a selection of articles from WSS and a €5 discount coupon for this website for everyone, you can put your name down to win one of the following prizes:
  • Eureka Miniatures: one AU$150 voucher
  • TooFatLardies - One full bundle of Infamy, Infamy, or Chain of Command, or Sharp Practice 2 of the winner's choice.
  • A Rubicon plastic box set of the winner’s choice
  • Wargames Atlantic: four boxes of the winner's choice
  • Sarissa Precision: two £25 vouchers
  • Warlord Games: a starter set (up to £100) of the winner’s choice; two plastic infantry or vehicle boxed sets of the winner’s choice; three sets of warlord hobby tools - tape measure, laser pointer, dice; four £5 Warlord Games Vouchers
  • Battlefront Miniatures: starter set and Bagration book with cards
  • Gripping Beast: one plastic box set of the winner’s choice
  • Perry Miniatures: one plastic box set voucher (ACW starter, Travel Battle set excluded)
  • Osprey Publishing: two wargaming rulebooks of the winner’s choice; one copy of Undaunted: North Africa by Osprey Games
  • 4Ground Publishing: two £25 vouchers
  • Pen & Sword Books: two books of the winner’s choice
  • Baccus 6mm: two sets of rules of the winner’s choice
  • Pendraken Miniatures: a 10mm Army Pack of the winner’s choice
  • 3x two-year subscription of the winner’s choice to either Ancient Warfare, Ancient History Magazine, Medieval Warfare or Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy
  • And a late addition: the adobe building built by Philip Taylor for WSS 115.

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