Battle of Bannockburn anniversary

Today, 700 years ago, an English army under Edward II was defeated by Robert the Bruce, King Scotland, a stunning victory of the Scots against an army which was superior both in numbers as well as equipment. The battle itself, as well the related First War of Scottish Independence, is covered in our latest issue, Medieval Warfare IV-3. In this issue, you can read about the historical background of the battle, the course of the battle itself, as well as the equipment of knights from both sides. In addition, more information on the equipment of the infantry can be found in a webarticle written by Tobias Capwell, available for free on our website. 

Next weekend, on 28 and 29 June, there will be a reenactment festival, Bannockburn Live, to celebrate the anniversary of the battle. It will take place on the National Trust for Scotland’s historic Battle of Bannockburn heritage site, approximately 2 miles south of Stirling. The organization has managed to gather several re-enactment groups who will be showing their skills to the public. More information and tickets are available at the Bannockburn Live website.

For those of you who’d like to commemorate the battle by brutally killing the English during a tabletop wargame, you can find more information on how to game the Battle of Bannockburn in Chris Brown’s article in WSS 72.

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