Introducing ‘1066 - The Battle of Hastings’

I am very proud to announce that we’re about to publish a Special issue of Medieval Warfare magazine, which looks at the Norman Conquest of England in 1066. It’s very exciting to see this issue come together, something we have been preparing for most of the year.

With the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings taking place last year, it was an ideal time to start working on this topic, to look back on the event of 1066, as well as the way it was being remembered in 2016. I also wanted to create a work that could stand the test of time - to be something that people will want to read even in 2066, and I think we have done that.

One of the aims of Medieval Warfare is to bring together a wide range of writers, from those with well-respected reputations to younger historians exploring new topics. You will find that mix here. I am very pleased to have John Gillingham and Richard Abels grace the pages of MW for the first time - both are considered the top of their field among medievalists, and have written books and articles that are considered cornerstones of military history. We also have Kelly DeVries, perhaps an icon among the medieval military historian community. He’s a prolific writer, but he’s never had the opportunity to write about the Battle of Hastings itself, so I was very eager for him to pen that article.

This special issue is also going to feature some talented younger historians - Ilana Krug, George Theotokis, Ad van Kempen - to name just a few. Michael Livingston is bringing us a piece about the Bayeux Tapestry that is going to turn some heads, while Megan Arnott’s article on Harold Hardrada is a sign that her career as a historian will be quite promising!

Over the next few weeks Ill talk more about this special issue, but for now I want to thank all the writers and illustrators who have worked on it. I think you’ve made this look at the Norman Conquest and the events of 1066 the best book/magazine on the topic that has ever been written for the wider audience. You have all delivered!

With that I need to get back to the finishing touches on this issue. It’s now available for pre-order for a special price of €14.95. Click here to find out more.

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