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If you’re going to visit our website the next few weeks, and you come across a picture of the Labrador called Jack, don’t panic. Your computer isn’t hacked or anything, that’s just the ERROR page for our new website. This will go online on Monday the 15th. If you happen to encounter such an error page, you can either wait for us to fix it, or send me an email at, so that I can alert the people of webdesign that something is wrong. If you have a minute after Monday, please feel free to browse our new website a bit. If you find an error, or something to comment on, please let me know. Our webshop is still the same as the old one, so we don’t expect any problems with that.

Right now, we’re very busy with our next issue IV-5, about Richard the Lionheart in the Mediterranean. The issue will arrive at our distribution center around the end of September, so keep an eye out for our pre-order discount in the second half of this month. And for those of you who cannot wait, here’s a low-res preview of Fabrice Weiss’ illustration accompanying Gregory Liebau’s article on crusader tactics from a Muslim perspective.

We’ve got a little over one month left before the poll for the themes of Volume V closes. If you (or your friends and family) haven’t voted yet, make sure you do so before 15 October. Right now, it looks as if the following items are winning: the Heptarchy in England (a very close call with War of the Roses), The reign of Almanzor, Piracy and naval warfare (closely followed by Peasants at war), Mongol invasions in the west, and the Kingdom of Jerusalem (with Heraclius vs the Sassanids close behind).

Furthermore this week:
The Battle of Muret- Today marks the 801st anniversary of the Battle of Muret, during which Peter II of Aragon was defeated by the crusader forces of Simon de Montfort. The battle was part of the Albigensian Crusade, one of the few ‘Catholic’ religious campaigns conducted against other Christians. Much more detail about the Crusade and the Battle of Muret can be found in Medieval Warfare III-4.
- On 17 September, in 1462, an army of Teutonic knights were finally defeated at the Battle of Świecino (also known as the Battle of Żarnowiec). This was one of the final acts during the Thirteen Years’ War, which would mark the end of Teutonic power in eastern Europe. The Thirteen Years War is the theme of Medieval Warfare II-2. Interested but a bit low an cash or space to store new magazines? All issues of Volume I and II are now also available in digital format.

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