Poll results Volume IV

On 25 December 2013, the poll for the last three issues of Volume IV was closed. Many of you have voted on their favorite topics, for which you have our thanks. After all, as our faithful readers, you should have a say in what we offer you.

Now, without further ado, here are the results: 


* The rise and consolidation of the Old Swiss Confederacy (44 votes; 13.8%)

* The Crown of Aragon in the Mediterranean (71 votes; 22.3%)

* The Burgundian Wars (1474-1477) (102 votes; 32.0%)

* Matthias Corvinus and the Austrian-Hungarian war (1477-1488) (32 votes; 10.0%)

* The start of the Hungarian-Ottoman wars (1344-1396) (70 votes; 21.9%)


* Frederick Barbarossa’s Italian campaigns (49 votes; 15.2%)

* Division in Northern Italy: open conflict between Guelphs and Ghibbellines (1260-1289) (61 votes; 18.9%)

* Nemesis of Crusaders and Mongols: the campaigns of Baibars I (75 votes; 23.2%)

* How to become a saint: the Crusades of Louis IX of France (39 votes; 12.1%)

* Richard the Lionheart’s conquests in the Mediterranean (99 votes; 30.7%)

MW IV.6 

* The loss of Italy: Byzantium vs the Lombards (137 votes; 42.9%)

* Byzantium in danger: Arab incursions in Anatolia and the first siege of Constantinople (96 votes; 30.1%)                

* Tervel and Constantine V: the start of the Byzantine-Bulgarian wars (17 votes; 5.3%)  

* Bulgarian threat to Byzantium: the conquests of Khan Krum (807-813) (38 votes; 11.9%)

* The reign of Tsar Simeon: Magyar invasion and Byzantine civil war (31 votes; 9.7%)

As you can see, there are several clear winners, but some quite popular runners-up as well. It is quite likely that one of those will be chosen for a theme in Volume V, and you can be certain that some options will return in the next poll. For now, we have three great topics to focus on. If you are interested in contributing, make sure to send me your proposal at editor@medieval-warfare.com. The first proposal deadline, for MW IV.4, will close on 20 February.

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