Suggest themes for 2016

As you know, we enjoy giving our readers a say in the choice of themes for Medieval Warfare. While Dirk preferred to collect suggestions throughout the year, make a pre-selection and present you with a poll, I’m going to shake it up a little bit. In part that’s because I have to: Dirk left me his archives of course, but I’ve been so horribly busy that I’ve barely had time to notice the weather’s really been quite nice…, let alone time to search through his emails to see if there were any suggestions for themes.

Of course I’ve got some ideas myself as well, but I thought I’d really open it up to you: what topics, preferably well-defined themes, would you like to read about in Medieval Warfare next year? Obviously we won’t want anything that’s too close to previous themes (have a look here if you’re uncertain: and they have to fall within our definition of Medieval Warfare (ie about AD 500-1500, and in Europe, North-Africa or the Near East), but otherwise any military topic goes, really.

Let’s hear it, here’s your chance! Post your suggestions below or, if you don’t have a Facebook account, email me at

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