Theme suggestions

July is almost upon us, which means that we need to start thinking about the themes for 2015, Volume V of Medieval Warfare. In the past, I have selected the themes of the first one or two issues of the volume myself, to enable ourselves to focus on different sorts of topics than only the most popular ones, as well as to allow our readers plenty of time to vote for upcoming themes. For Volume V, I will do the same. In fact, the first issue’s theme has already been selected: ‘Traitors in the Middle Ages’. The Medieval world was full of sieges which were decided through the traitorous actions of local defenders, as well as battles which were lost due to the sudden retreat of an ally. If you have such a topic in mind and you’d like to contribute an article, please contact me at As always, proposals about non-theme topics are equally welcome. Even though we can only publish a limited number of those in each issue, we can always use such proposals for future issues.

The theme of V.2 will also be selected by us, but for the other four issues of Volume V, we’d like our readers to choose for us, through a poll. Many of you have already voted in the past, I’m sure, and this will be no different. Before we put our poll online, though, we’d like to know what topics our readers would like to see discussed in detail. If you have any suggestions or ideas (as many as you like), please post them here or send them to, and we’ll see about adding your option(s). 

The poll will be available online around the end of August/beginning of September. 

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