6mm Painting project

Per Broden at Roll a One blog has been organising a 6mm gaming project to bring together over 40 gamers and raise a bit of money for the Combat Stress charity.

Pete Berry of Baccus 6mm very kindly offered two army packs that have been shipped off to gamers all over the British Isles. Each person has been allocated a regiment of foot, horse, dragoons or a battery of guns to complete. Per will then base them all in a consistent style before playing some games with them on his blog and flogging them for charity. On Monday they dropped through the post!

The armies are for a fictitious Late 17th Century conflict between kingdoms based loosely on Sweden and Russia (Think a slightly earlier Great Northern War). For some reason Per chose me to paint the Command figures for the Kingdom of Denswe (An anagram of Sweden!) therefore I must present his Royal Highness King Markus Backus of Denswe!

Painting these was a real treat. The figures are crisp and moulded very well. I used a black undercoat and picked out colours with a base coat and a highlight. Normally highlighting 6mm isn’t a major requirement - but as I was painting the army high command and wanted to make them look resplendent I could lavish a bit more care and attention on them.

Painting the royal standard was a particular treat. The royal flag of Sweden had three crowns on it. We adapted this design and replaced the crown motif with a chalice akin to the Hussites. Backhus - Hussites, get it? I imagine them as some distant Baltic kingdom created if the Hussite movement had not been eliminated and migrated north to safer pastures.

For God and victory! Long live King Markus of Denswe!

For more on this exciting project, you might like to read about it here:

Or listen to the God's Own Scale podcast here:




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