A Frosty surprise

I had a surprise when I went down my local games club, The South Devon Games Club. As a rule, the Wednesday night venue is a haven for Warhammer 40K, Blood Bowl, Battlefleet Gothic and recently, for Wild West Exodus.

When I walked in, there was a snow table covered in ruined scenery. What was this? Someone was playing Frostgrave... Naturally, I inquired what was going on. Club regulars Kristian and Alex were giving the fantasy skirmish rules a go.

Alex said that he'd done a 'Guy' and brought the game down to see if people would like it, and they did. The great thing about Frostgrave is that you can use basically whatever miniatures you have available. Kristian was using old GW Ork models for his warband. Alex used some old Empire models for his, including dwarven bodyguards and an old Dark Emissary as his wizard. They were playing the Genie scenario from the main rulebook.

Frostgrave is a great game. It has one step combat resolution (both sides roll a D20 and compare the difference) and requires a low miniature count, making it easy to create a warband. This also makes it very accessible for our club members, as they generally have some fantasy miniatures at home.

It is good to see Frostgrave being played locally. Time for me to dust off my Wizard and her adventurers warband. With a little luck, perhaps I can introduce my local club to The Rangers of Shadowdale, a cooperative game using the Frostgrave rules.



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