Advent Calendar 2023

Every year, we try and do something different for an advent calendar for the festive period. Last year, the four of us (Guy (me), Chris, Jasper and Mark) each started a wargames related project and showed our progress in six steps in the run-up to Christmas. 

Last year, we each chose a diverse selection of topics. I chose to build some Warlord plastic Bersaglieri using a Grisaille method of painting. I added in some conversions and used a variety of Contrast and Speed Paints for my results. 

Mark found an old unit of Games Workshop Dwarves on the Bring and Buy at a show. He brought them back to life with a decent new paint job, as part of an ongoing Oldhammer project he's been working on. 

Chris decided to opt for the Rubicon People's Army of Vietnam (NVA). He fancied a challenge and to do something completely different to what he would normally do. He also mixed in a few Empress Miniatures for further variety adding in a HMG team.

Jasper chose to work on some tanks for his US Armor. The kits were all Rubicon vehicles with crews from Warlrod, Empress and Rubicon. The finished results do look impressive.

So moving on, what can we expect from this year? I've chosen to model the army of Maquis of Montrose in Epic scale by Warlord Games. Mark has chosen another Oldhammer project, using the new Elven Cavalry for Oathmark. Chris has opted for some 28mm Great War Germans from Wargames Atlantic. Jasper is painting some Brigade Games artillery for the American War of Independence. 

You can see how we get on in the coming days!

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