AWI plans, life and everything

The famous black Perry boxes, hiding among emergency supplies.

“Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.” Some British folk singer is said to have mentioned this sometime in his life and that is exactly what happened to me over the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately, due to previous action on my part, my marriage has ended. No need for oooh’s and aaah’s. Mistakes were made, most of them my doing, and this is the sad result. I had to evacuate the premises and have been roaming the Dutch countryside for a few weeks now and have settled somewhere near Utrecht. All very sad indeed, but suffice to say it affects the hobby as well.

Just before this all happened, I managed to spray paint the 2nd Battalion, 71st Highlanders in skeleton bone by Army Painter. This will provide a sturdy ground for future painting and, as they are all in buff trousers, that part has been done in one swift swoop. But ever since, no paint has been applied by me. I did manage to snatch a few models from my workstation, as well as some paint and other stuff. All that is needed to fulfil my quota in next year’s event is present here with me. I’ll try and pick up a brush or two in the next week and hope to give you more. Don’t get your hopes up however, as the next few weeks I also have to finish a paper on the work of a guy called Sedulius Scottus and his us of Vegetius in his On Christian Rulers. I might even use the article that is in Medieval Warfare V.6 as it also touches the subject (You’re welcome, Erin!). Shameless self-plug as well, as I managed to persuade the editor to publish an article of mine. 

So there you have it. End of marriage, not planned, but expected. Painting, lots was planned, but none was done, and one article published in Medieval Warfare. Lots of work and planning, but the actual publishing came as a surprise. Another plan was for a timely order of some minatures in the US from Fife & Drum miniatures so that they  could be taken along in order to save on freight. That plan, again, did not come to fruitition. The plan is always the first casualty it seems.

A short blog this time. I hope to make amends in the next one as I plan to get some painting done!

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