A Battle Royale! Bolt Action in 15mm.

Last night we tried a little experiment at the South Devon Games Club. As it was the last game-night before Christmas, it was suggested that we play a big tank battle for Bolt Action, the idea being we'd have plenty of players in a `battle royale'.

To allow a greater playing area and even more tanks, we opted to go for 15mm scale and a massive 8 foot by 6 foot table.  The total forces were 6000 points a side. To make the game playable, we scaled back the ranges to centimetres and used one order dice for a platoon of three vehicles. If one vehicle had to take a down order due to damage, all vehicles in the platoon were affected.

Chris' British advance slowly through the woods.

Sam and Chris K (Soviet and British) played Steve F and James W (German). The Germans went for Stugs and Panthers, with the odd Panzer IV and Puma platoon while the Soviets went T34/76 with the one KV. The British had Shermans and one Firefly per platoon.

The Pumas get into a bit of trouble with crossfire!

The Germans played a cautious game, forming a gun line and relying on their extra range to deal with the allies. However, their over-cautiousness (earning the 'Von Cluck' medal for bravery!) meant the Allies manoeuvred their forces to combine their firepower.

Running out of time, we called the game a draw at turn 7, with an equal number of platoons destroyed. The Allies deserve to gain a moral victory (they advanced!) and Chris K was 'man of the match' for being a good sport and having none of his forces destroyed. It was a fun game, altho next time we'll probably stick to inches!

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