Clash of Eagles

Clash of Eagles is the latest Napoleonic supplement for Black Powder. It covers Napoleon's invasion of Russia in 1812.

Written by Adrian McWalter (who wrote both Albion Triumphant books for Black Powder), this two-hundred-page book comprehensively covers not only the Russian and French 'Grand Armée' (including the Imperial Guard) but also each of France's allies (namely Austria, Bavaria, the Duchy of Warsaw, Italy, Naples, Prussia, Saxony, Westfalia, and Württemberg)!

A brief history of the 1812 campaign is given, including six solid battle scenarios. There are additional rules for Black Powder to better reflect this Napoleonic period and how the specific nations fought at this time. These 'national characteristics' give each army a unique 'Napoleonic' gaming feel. The Austrians, for example, suffer from poor skirmishing with some of their infantry units, while some of the Russian forces lack initiative.

There are additional rules covering the order structures of the Russian and Austrian armies, a revised section on Napoleonic formations, rules for specific terrain, and opposed river crossings. Also included are some famous generals from the time, with simple rules as to how to reflect their specific abilities.

To sum up, this is a book simply brimming with information and suggestions for gaming this period. With the stats for several nations (including Austrians and Russians, hussar!), this book could equally be used for earlier or later campaigns (such as the battle in Germany circa 1813). If you're a Black Powder aficionado, and have any interest beyond the British sphere of the Napoleonic Wars, you'll be needing this book.

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