Coming soon - Project 217

With several new rulesets in the offing, such as Kings of War Historical and Swordpoint, on top of existing ones such as Hail Caesar, Art de la Guerre or War & Conquest, as well as ever expanding ranges across all sizes, we thought it was time to return to an old friend. It is, after all, an obvious open door to say that ancients wargaming is the classical period. And as publishers of Ancient Warfare magazine, who are we to argue?

Enter Project 217: a year-long campaign for wargamers worldwide to fight the battles of Rome, Carthage, the Successor States, Greek Leagues and City States, Celts, Numidians and just about every other ancient people you can think of. Our aim is to provide wargamers with information and inspiration, help you find new friends, build new armies and play more games. Will you join in?

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