Early-War German Vehicles Part 2

At the start of the month, I challenged myself to clear my backlog (traffic-jam?) of vehicles from my early-war German forces, and I'm pleased to note that I managed it!

Here they are...

...and here's what they looked like then:

Further details of the models and their manufacturers can be found in Part 1; here I'll mostly make notes on the painting.

Adler (Company B):

I had to rework the pedestal mount for the machine gun quite significantly, and in the end I dispensed with the optional gunshield as I just couldn't make it fit with the crew. I love the white panels on the mudguards.

Having braced the flimsy resin wheels out of sight, I found I didn't need to base the Adler after all.

Horch (Company B):

This one was tricky as the unbraced windscreen simply wouldn't stay upright, and to protect the fragile wing-mirror assembly, I couldn't just have it folded down, so I had to use my initiative (and a bit of filler) to sort this.

It looks a little empty inside at the moment, so I think I might rummage around for spare passengers and some stowage for the rearmost compartment, but for now I'm happy with it, and the two figures were wonderfully characterful to paint (the officer has a monocle. Of course).

Sd.Kfz. 222 (Rubicon):

This was a delight to paint, although had I realised how open the suspension assembly was, I would've painted that first, or maybe left the wheels off until the end.

Kradschutzen motorbike and sidecar (Warlord):

This was pretty straightforward to paint, and although the crew looked lumpen at first, they're not too bad with a lick of fieldgrey on them. When I next flock some infantry I'll add some to this base too.

Sd.Kfz. 251/1 (also 251/10) (Warlord):

After all of the others, painting the Hanomag felt a bit anticlimactic! I'd forgotten that I'd used really powerful paired magnets to enable me to swap around the bench seating and the ammo rack seating, so with the upper hull now attached it turns out that I now need tweezers to grab them! Just one magnet next time, methinks.

And that rounds off my early war German vehicles nicely for now - here they are all together, and if you look closely you might just see a couple of odd details... but that's for another time.

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