First Look: Plastic Soldier T34 Tanks (15mm Scale)

Plastic Soldier have released a boxed set of T34 tanks in the popular 15mm scale. Each box contains 5 plastic tank kits. The T34 was the ubiquitous Russian mass produced tank of the Second World War, so if you’ll be wanting five of anything, it will be T34’s!

The kit is easy to put together, coming with separate tracks (possibly useful for painting separate). Assembly is straightforward and a big bonus is the inclusion of separate turrets, allowing the tanks to be fielded as T34/76’s or the later T34/85’s. Keep both turrets and your tanks can serve for mid war and late war. Some care must be taken with getting the tracks the right way round. The constructed vehicle is quite light. WS&S recommends putting a little weight in the tanks; Plasticine, Miliput or a small weight should serve that purpose. The models are pictured with Plastic Soldier’s 15mm Russian infantry.   

Size wise, the plastic tank is a tad smaller than similar models (compared to Battlefront and Peter Pig models) but this is only by a small fraction and thus not noticeable on the tabletop. Pricing is very good at £16.50 for a box of five, which is about less than half the price of similar products. This is a good value product. Highly Recommended.

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