First Look: Relic Hannibal (28mm)

HannibalGet your jeweller’s glass ready… here’s the Relic Hannibal.

Relic Miniatures is a relatively new company with an ever expanding range of miniatures for the Hellenistic and Punic Wars. One of their recent releases is Hannibal Barca, the infamous Carthaginian general who shook Rome almost to its foundations.

The model is very well cast, with no visible mould lines. Hannibal is depicted proudly sitting on his horse or dismounted. The detail is simply stunning, thus the need for a Jeweller’s Glass! There are images of horses on Hannibal’s cuirass, on the horses chest and even on his cheek guards! The saddle cloth has palm tree inscriptions in addition. The model is provided mounted and dismounted.

Size wise, the mounted model stands 44mm tall and the dismounted measures 28mm ‘foot to eye’ or 30mm tall. The models should be compatible with most existing 28mm ranges.

Price is $14.95 Canadian, or roughly £9 or 11 Euros. Truly a beautiful model. Recommended.

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