Galloping Major Anglo American Rangers 28mm

Galloping Major Anglo American RangersGalloping Major is a new company specialising in the French Indian wars fought between 1754 and 1763, as part of the larger Seven Years war being fought in Europe. A number of colonial special Ranger units were formed including Goreham’s Rangers, the New England Rangers and the infamous Roger’s Rangers.

The French Indian war, as immortalised in the film Last of the Mohicans, saw the colonial powers of France and England fight for control of the territory of Canada. It featured many allied troops of Native Americans being used by both sides. Galloping Major have concentrated on doing a realistic, historical range, trying to move away from the ‘Davy Crockett’ fur hat image of this period.

The models reviewed are from the Anglo American Ranger set. Each wears a cap and is armed with a firelock musket; the uniform is accurate for the Rangers and includes the correct buttoned coat and Indian stockings. Each is well sculpted and reasonably posed. Casting is good; the mould lines are hard to spot.

The models stand some 32mm tall, being some 28mm ‘from foot to eye’, so will be compatible with most existing ranges. The price is £8 for 6 figures. These have the look of an interesting rage, definitely worth a look if you’re into the French and Indian wars period.

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