My game for Poldercon 2018 - Black Ops WW2

PolderCon is an excellent Dutch wargames convention held every year in the city of Utrecht. So far, I've been invited every time to run a game, and 2018 will be no exception.

In previous years, I've hosted games of Black Powder, Swordpoint and (of course) my own game Osprey Black Ops. This year, I've decided to return to running Black Ops, but with a twist. Jasper is planning to run a Chain of Command game for the event, so it makes sense for us to share the same table and common scenery.

Some of Jasper's excellent scenery.

My game will be set in World War 2 and will be loosely based on the novel and film 'The Eagle has Landed'. Black Ops is indeed very suitable for running World War 2 commando raids as its unpublished predecessor, V for Victory, was actually written solely with such actions in mind.

The wonderful Total Battle Miniatures Chateau.

The game itself will require little adaptation, apart from writing some different stat sheets for infantry and vehicles for the players to use. I won't reveal the scenario at this stage, as that'd be revealing spoilers!

I'm looking forward to my game and am planning a cunning scenario with a number of surprises. So if you fancy the role as a wannabe Steiner or Colonel Pitts, come along to PolderCon for some fun!

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