Getting back into gaming.

Hello gaming, my old friend. I've missed you. I'm slowly returning to tabletop wargaming after several long months, which is probably the longest I've not gamed in my life.

'Pushy' is drawn to the centre of attention, the gaming table!

I started wargaming properly in my teen years. For a long time, it was something I aspired to rather than did. I played D&D with others, which was a kind of wargaming then (murder hobo-ing). I also played numerous SPI hex boardgames. In my twenties, I started frequenting clubs and wargames shows, and tabletop gaming became part of my weekly (or occasionally monthly) narrative.

Bolt Action with 4Ground scenery.

Covid 19 put a stop to all that. Lockdown meant we couldn't game unless it was either solo or with people isolating in our household. Now that restrictions are slowly lifting, I am now having my friends over to play games. I've converted my front room into a games area and are taking all the necessary precautions when I invite a friend around for a game.

Sensible precautions - hand gel.

Firstly, I check to make sure neither myself nor my guest is at risk and neither of us has symptoms. I set up the table hours before the game. When my guest arrives, hand sanitiser is used. When playing the game, we use our own dice and tape measure, moving our own figures. After play, the area is left for several hours before the table is cleared. I've not gamed with someone who is in the vulnerable category, but if I were to do so, I would wear a mask throughout.

Playing Blood and Plunder for a 'Let's Play'.

My local club has opened up, but with the new restrictions, only six people can game in an evening and masks must be worn throughout (according to the Government guidelines on social gathering).

Brits vs Italians and the Brits are losing!

The limit of six will be a challenge for clubs going forwards unless they have separate, isolated areas they can meet up. I'm afraid we are far from back to normality, but we must do our best to protect ourselves and others from the virus.

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