Historical Prague

Last week, I spent a few days in Prague after having a meeting with Jasper and the rest of the Karwansaray team in Holland. What an amazing place Prague is! A break in such a historic city was just what I needed to recharge my batteries. Literally, with every turning of the street, there was some new spectacle, statue, or decorated building.

The view from the Astronomical tower at the Klementinum.

Going to Prague had been suggested by my girlfriend Emma (thank you, Emma!). She acted as my guide as she’d been to the city before and she also acted as my photographer. The photos in my upcoming blogs about this visit are all taken by her. 

Coats of arms from Prague Castle.

So what’s historical about Prague? Let’s throw a few names, places and events into the hat: St Wenceslas, Duke Konrad, Jan Hus, the kingdom of Bohemia, Jan Zizka, the defenestration of Prague, Bila Hora, the Klementinum, Tycho Brahae, 1848 revolution, Czech Legion, Franz Kafka, Reynard Heydrich, the Prague spring, Jan Palach, the velvet revolution… That’s to name but a very few I encountered. 

The battle of Bila Hora.

We visited the old town (Staré Město) with the Jewish quarter, Prague castle & cathedral (Hradčany and Malá Strana), the new town (Nové Město), Vyšehrad castle, Petřín Hill - pretty much every part of the city which is within walking distance of the centre. I wish I could say I lost a few pounds with all that walking, but in truth I put on a few extra with all the great food we ate. 

Armour at Prague castle.

I’ll be talking more about the places we visited later. Suffice to say if you have opportunity to go to Prague, just go! The entire place is deeply immersed in history.

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