Honour the Fallen Part 2

In a recent blog, I discussed how I had taken an old army I'd inherited from my friend Paul Houghton and how I was polishing up the miniatures to play in a mini-campaign at my local club. This, I think, would be a good way to honour Paul and I'm sure he'd have liked to see his troops back in action on the tabletop.

The miniatures themselves had been languishing in my cellar for several years before I dug them out and started to dust them off. They were a mix of Battle Honours and some Westwind Japanese. They were probably originally painted 20 years ago.

Firstly,  I touched up any damage to the models, using as close as I could get to the original colours. For the most part, this was minimal and the uniform was painted Vallejo Japanese Uniform, which made things easier. Next, I washed the miniatures with Ali's Brown Liquid, which helped pick out the details.

Then, I dry-brushed the helmets with Citadel Dry - Tyrant Skull and added a few highlights to the flesh on the faces and arms. Next, I gave the metal parts of the rifles a coat of Vallejo metallic black. The leather webbing I went over with Hardened Leather Speed Paints (which went nicely over the original paint).

Finally, I've added brown to the basing and then dry-brushed it with a light green. Tufts and static grass was then added. I wanted to retouch these enough so they were playable, but not enough as to completely repaint them. I also wanted the process to be fairly quick.

I think Paul would be happy seeing his miniatures being used, and his force gives us a useful army of over 50 miniatures to lend out to players. We will now have enough players with armies to run our campaign. 


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