Mortal Realms

Yes I succumbed! If you are not familiar with Mortal Realms, Games Workshop have recently released another monthly magazine with free miniatures on the cover. As the cover price was only £2.99, and you get thirteen miniatures, I thought I'd give it a go. After all, those minis would be useful for my D&D group and fun to paint.

I was pretty impressed with what I received for my money. Three sigmarines, errr, Sequitor Warriors and ten ghosts, chainwrasps are included, plus a simple battlemat, a cool poster, dice and even a ruler! Given that the models retail £10 for three Sequitors and £25 for ten chainrasps, these are a bargain.

Now I'm a 28mm gamer (foot to eye, of course!). Some of the new Games Workshop 40K models are huge in comparison to the old ones, as are the sigmarines, Sequitors in this magazine. They stand 36mm 'foot to eye' or 39-40mm tall, so tower over mere moral 28mm minis. These would make great giants (duh!) or celestial beings/angels.

In comparison, the chainwrasps are a little harder to judge 'size wise', being incorporeal. Lacking bodies makes foot to eye measurements complicated if the ghosties chainrasps don't have feet! Even so, they 'look' around 28mm, judging by the skull sizes. I'll be using these as shadow demons in the temple of Set.

So if your local WHS has sold out, don't dispair (at least not yet!). I saw these for sale in the news sections of supermarkets. If fantasy is not your sort of thing, think of the money you'll be saving! Put it towards a nice set of Atlantic, Perrys, Warlord or Victrix.

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