Painting mojo

Progress had not been good since I wrote you last. But nothing helps to get you going like playing a game and seeing other people’s progress. Two weeks ago, over a dozen Dutch gamers came together to try out a couple of rule sets, among which Land of the Free. I’m sure you’ll be hearing a lot more about that in the coming months.

As the meeting included quite a few of the people in the AWI project, the post-game chat provided some more inspiration. In the last two weeks, as a result, I got my minutemen to the point where they could be dipped.

At the games day I also received the new miniatures from the communal AWI order. Some more militia and Stockbridge Indians to complete my rebel force, and also some British and loyalists. I need some opposition, don’t I? But those are well ahead in the future to paint.

Speaking of painting, I’m considering signing up to Curt’s (of Analogue Hobbies) Painting Challenge. It’s good to have that extra motivation to paint. The challenge runs from December 20th to March 20th so effectively three months in the darkest period of the year. Dozens sign up, and I always look enviously at their results.

I guess after I finish my minutemen, I’ll have about 70 rebels left to paint. By Curt’s standards that’s 300 to 350 points worth. He suggests 400 as a good goal for first timers. If I throw in the odd civilian (or perhaps a few fantasy figures for Frostgrave?) I could easily think of 400 points to paint. It would also mean I have most of what I need to do done by late March, ie 5 months ahead of schedule.

Now that sounds almost too good to be true…

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