Perry Zulu War British preview

Following on from their British soldiers for the Afghan and Sudan campaigns (reviewed in WSS 85), the Perrys have released plastic British redcoats.

The heliograph team from the set.

These soldiers wear the classic ‘home service’ redcoat uniform with leggings. There are five soldiers to a sprue, with separate heads and arms. The choice of helmets includes the African sun helmet or the spiked Home Service helmet.

There are lots of options here for assembly: soldiers may be in advancing, reloading, or firing poses. The command sprue has a multitude of options.

Apart from the arm options for officers, serjeants, a standard bearer, and a bugler, there’s even a heliograph with the arms to make up a signaller, an observer with binoculars, and a second writing notes! Als note the useful casualty models.

This set will be a must-buy for all Zulu War fans and gives a cheap entry point for the Colonial period. The Home Service models could be used for British invasions, whether from Prussia or from Mars…


Company: Perry Miniatures

Size: 28mm ‘foot to eye’ or 32mm in hat

Era: Victorian Era (1877-81)

Price: £20.00 for a box of 36 figures


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