Salute 2011

What a day!

A friend asked me what did I think of Salute 2011? I had to answer that I really didn’t see much of the show… With the relaunch of Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy, I spent most of the show talking with people about the magazine.

So what of what I did see? It was good. I’ve been going to Salute for 20 years now in total, my first show was 1991 (!) and I have attended every single one since. I still fondly remember going around the crowded rooms and side rooms of Kensington Town hall back then. How much the show has evolved and changed. Now it is at Excel but its still the same good mix of good games, good traders and a chance to meet old friends (if only briefly this year). I simply wouldn’t miss it, which the past 20 years can testify to!

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