Smokin' Germans

I recently posted a link on the Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy Facebook page to a new kickstarter, the Empire in Peril by Unfeasibly miniatures. The majority of the comments were positive but there was one lone voice whose opinion was quite negative. I’ll be honest and say I thought “Is this person seeing the same models I’m seeing?”

The Kaiser’s soldier.

As it happens, Mark of Unfeasilby had sent me some of these models for review in the magazine. Therefore I could see first-hand and could comment on the quality of the casting and sculpting of the models. I’ll agree it is hard to tell from a single picture what the true quailty of a model is. Want to know my opinion? Read the next review section of Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy! 

Tamiya smoke, I should get shares in the company!

I thought I’d take some shots for Mark and while I was at it, explain a little bit about how I take my photos for the reviews. The first thing which is needed is a medium to cover the miniature. This is necessary as most metals are pretty bright when photographed and a wash medium helps sharpen the detail. I use X19 Tamiya Smoke. Without it, the fine detail is quite hard to see.

The models prior to the wash. Shiny!

To ensure it isn’t too thick on the models, I tend to dilute it with a little water. It also has a tendency to ‘pool’, so I try to brush off any excess before it begins to dry. The results are exactly what I need for getting a good picture. 

The ‘smoke’ brings out the detail.

A good picture can show all the details of a miniature, both the quality and flaws (if any). That’s what I hope my pictures do in the magazine. Read my review of these Germans next issue.

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