Taking Stock

I've had a rough few months recently. I've managed to play a lot of games, just to keep my sanity, but not done anything to my various wargames projects. I need to take stock and come up with a plan for my gaming for 2019.

To aid me in this quest, I have enrolled in the Analogue Painting Challenge for 2019 (along with my boss Jasper Oorthuys). Now in previous years, Jasper and I have done fairly poorly (in all honesty). This year will be different and we'll be aided in our painting by our fellow podcasters, Angus and Mark. While Angus and Mark were unable to join the challenge (it is already oversubscribed), they instead will support us (or taunt us) with a short biweekly Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy podcast.

Early War Fallshirmjager

I've needed to get 'back on the wagon' so last night, I attempted to paint up some Fallschirmjäger in early war uniforms. I think the longest part was my attempt to decide what colours to paint them. This was solved by following the Farnworth Colours guide on the Artizan Designs website. I changed the uniform Smock colour to Grey Green (VMC 70 886). I think the trousers are too dark, but they'll do.

I also painted a Dwarf, one of the new Oathmark plastic ones. Why? Because it was there... I do intend on trying out Oathmark but I never envisaged myself painting Dwarves... ever... It is a lovely model, however, and apart from forgetting to clean up the model with a sharp knife before painting, it looks fine for a test figure.

And then there's boats... lots of boats for Cruel Seas. I opted for a 1/400 Kriegsmarine set from Airfix (Ok they are Hellier originally) which I picked up for £30. Not bad for five big ships (there is eleven in the set but the S Boots are likely to end up as sunk craft). Even though they are 1/400 scale, those big ships are still BIG! There's plenty to keep me occupied and get me back on track.

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