The Lair of the Beast

Last Tuesday, I took a trip to Gripping Beast to take some photographs for the next few issues. It’s always a good idea to stock up with good pictures and the Beasties very kindly allowed WS&S to use their collection. I’d also arranged to take some photos of Duncan MacFarlane’s Trent Miniatures.

Macedonians form a photo shoot in 2014.

I must admit I am a bit curious by nature (ok, nosey!). Therefore, getting to places, and behind the scenes, where the average person doesn’t get to go is an excellent perk of the job for me. It’s also good to chat with people directly. I spent a good few half an hour talking to Andy (Aka Lord Sherwell) about several topics including Gripping Beast’s new plastic Arab cavalry (reviewed in the next issue of WS&S). 

A picture for the Road to Ucles article - not used.

I do like the flexibility of the new Arab Cavalry, a box gives you plenty of options for bow, sword or spear/javelin armed cavalry (I’ll save the full review for the magazine!). I told Andy what I thought and he thanked me for the feedback and shared what other people had said. One had said there were too many ‘wasted parts’ - which is bound to occur if you’re providing a number of options. There are options you don’t choose - which for me end up in my ‘bitz box’ and used on other projects such as customising their Arab infantry with different heads and arms. Another said there was too few options(!). Well you can’t please them all..  So what’s next plastic boxed set from Gripping Beast? Possible cavalry but they don’t honestly know yet… it’s a safe bet it’ll be out for the next Salute in 2016.

Gripping Beast Light Cavalry. Painted by Mystic Spirals.

One minor disaster did happen while I was at Gripping Beast - if something crazy is going to happen, it will happen to me! While I was putting back a heavy box of resin buildings, the plastic shelving it lived on collapsed, leaving me holding up the rest of the shelving and asking for a little help… Unfortunately three Viking ships were KO’d (damaged but repairable) but the box of heavy resin buildings (including the Grand Manner Italian Monastery) was undamaged as were the buildings on the rest of the shelves. That was a bit hairy but Darren was very good about it and they are now considering replacing the plastic shelving with something a little more substantial. So it’s sort of good it happened…

More Arab light cavalry painted by Mystic Spirals.

I do consider myself fortunate to be able to go to places like Gripping Beast and see their lovely display models. The only problem is I have to put them all back again. 🙁 

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